Electrician at Taylor Power Systems, Inc.

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  • Permanent Employment
  • 3 weeks ago
  • Mississippi, America
  • Shift Full-Time
  • Job Qualifications High School Diploma

Job Description

Electrician at Taylor Power Systems, Inc.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Building/installing wire harnesses, panel wiring, reading schematics, and working with wire strippers, crimpers.

2. Working from blueprints, assembles electronic components to sub-panels, enclosures, and equipment.

3. Lays out, drills, taps, and assembles electrical sub-panels and enclosures.

4. Wires and labels electrical sub-panels and enclosures.

5. Mounts and interconnects components to equipment, per blueprints.

6. Debugs components and equipment, to verify correct operation.

7. Provides in-house and in-field electrical service support as needed.

8. Fits together parts and subassemblies to build electric motors, generators, and gasoline engine-generator sets, using machinist’s tools, precision instruments, and following blueprints and specifications.

9. Files and scrapes burrs from parts and cleans parts with solvent and compressed air.

10. Positions rotors and armatures into stator or field ring and slides heads over shaft and against housing ends manually or with hoist.

11. Secures assembly, using bolts and wrenches.

12. Aligns heads to allow rotor or armature to turn freely and inserts shims under rotor support to adjust airgap between rotor and stator, measuring clearance with precision instruments.

13. Cuts and strips wire leads and crimps or solders connecting lugs to them.

14. Packs chamber with grease to lubricate bearings.

15. Assembles external parts, such as fans, covers, exciters, control panels, space heaters, and piping, to build special units.

16. May level and align unit on customer’s bedplate or on test base in testing department and couple unit to drive motor or test instruments.

17. May dismantle equipment after testing and examine parts for evidence of wear.

18. May be designated according to power source of unit as Engine-Generator Assembler (engine-turbine).

19. Fits or solders parts together.

20. Some assemblies require the use of adhesives and poxies.

21. May work on subassemblies or finished products.

22. Performs tests on electrical assemblies during the production process.



Job Qualifications:

• High school graduate or GED equivalent.

• Must have some electrical experience and general knowledge of wiring including reading Diagrams, installation and repair of electrical components and circuits. AC and DC.

• Experience with Power Generation would be a plus.

• Must have good technical problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

• Must know how to use a multimeter.

• Must work well with others and possess good people skills.

• Job requires stooping, bending, climbing, and capability of lifting up to 50 pounds.

• Ability to read and interpret instructions.

• Skills to perform mechanical assembly jobs using small hand tools.

• Must pass a test to operate fork-lift.

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