Jobs for People With MS – Top 10 in 2024

woman writing on her notebook while holding a cup
Woman writing on her notebook while holding a cup

Are you a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer and feel you don’t stand a chance to work anymore? Perhaps you’ve just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and think it’s the end of the road for your job life? Well, there are no elements of truth in these thoughts.

Multiple Sclerosis might be a challenging health condition, but it doesn’t limit you from making sustainable earnings from a job. There are many people like you who are doing remarkable things by working flexibly and remotely despite their condition.

However, the only thing you have to consider when selecting a job as a MS sufferer is to ensure that the work condition is not more than what your health can handle.

Thankfully, we are living in an era where anything is possible; with just a single click on your mouse, you can find many job opportunities with no stress at all.

So, find below the top 10 of the best jobs for people with MS. If you want to see even more possibilities for people with MS, we invite you to also have a look at the list of easy jobs for disabled adults which includes a few Multiple Sclerosis-friendly jobs.

Looking for a Job? We invite you to have a look at our list of jobs for people with disabilities to find and apply to jobs for people with MS that might interest you.

1. Writing

The likes of Larry Tucker, Laura Mitchell, Miquel Martm, and Robin Gurr are MS sufferers who went ahead to become prominent in the writing business despite their moderate to several conditions of MS. Who says you can’t be better than these people?

Writing is a thing of the mind; it’s more mental than physical. It’s not enervating and can be a fulfilling endeavor. Thus, it’s a job that you can explore provided you have an affinity for it. Writing is lucrative but can be frustrating if it’s not born out of passion and talent.

Writing allows you to work remotely; so, you can work conveniently from your comfort zone with zero stress.

If you choose this career path, only ensure to consider ergonomics when you want to set up your workspace. Opt for ergonomic chairs and adjustable work tables, magnifiers or large screens, blue-ray glasses, and other protective devices.

All these are to ensure you pose no serious threat to your health when you overwork once in a while.

2. Social media influencer

smiling woman interviewing a guest and recording video
Smiling woman interviewing a guest and recording video

This is one of the professions in vogue and it’s an online opportunity that lets you make handsome earnings. Being a social media influencer comes with its perks which include;

  • ability to work flexibly
  • low-stress
  • high income
  • popularity
  • glitz.

While it’s a good option for you as an MS patient, there are things you need to put in place to be successful at the job.

  • First, you need to put every limitation aside and see possibilities.
  • You need charisma and the ability to build social networks easily.
  • Meeting new people should not be a problem for you;
  • plus, you need to have a good following online.

You may even leverage on your condition and become a motivator for other persons like you online. This will attract many brands and businesses to you. Which makes social media influencer one of the best jobs for MS sufferers in 2024.

3. Library Assistant

Working as a library assistant is one of many good jobs for people with MS.  You can fit into low-stress job positions at the library. Job roles where you only have to attend to people who come around to read or borrow books are ideal.

You can’t do much climbing and walking because of your condition, so, fetching books or searching for missing catalogs may not work for you.

However, your employer must be aware of your health condition so that a perfect working environment can be created for you.

You should consider a job change once you feel that you can no longer cope with the stress of the job. After all, there are several job opportunities you can choose from.

4. Information marketing

Two people looking at graphics
Two people looking at graphics

Are you knowledgeable in any area? Do you know about creating solutions to any unique problem? Then, you can secure a job spot for yourself by becoming an information marketer.

Information marketing deals with selling valuable information to an online audience that is in dire need of the information. It’s an entirely seamless job and you only need your knowledge, and specific tech skills to get the job done effectively. It’s a job you can do even if you are immobile. This is because you can work remotely from home.

Out of the multiple sclerosis job opportunities, information marketing gives you enough time to care for yourself. Plus, it is financially rewarding provided you know the right information to dish out online.

5. Affiliate marketing

You can work by selling for companies and making a good commission on every item sold. This is known as affiliate marketing. This job opportunity can be good for you because it is extremely easy to handle once you master the skill. It’s a high-income skill that also affords you the luxury of time to do other things.

It does not exert any kind of stress on your health. You do not need to be employed to be an affiliate marketer; in fact, it’s a job that requires no educational qualification.

The only requirement is to know how to use computer devices and write unique high quality content. More so, it’s a job that lets you work at your pace; so, you can always get a lot of rest whenever you feel tired.

6. Human Resource Manager

interviewer and job seeker going through interview
Interviewer and job seeker going through interview

The human resource arm of any organization is responsible for managing the people working in that organization. HR works as intermediaries between the boss/bosses and the employee and most times, sets the rule of engagement at work.

You can get an HR job role in one of the many organizations that do not discriminate against people suffering from MS or any other health condition. 

When bidding for a human resource job role, ensure to go for an option that allows you to work remotely and whose terms of engagement are quite flexible.

7. Laboratory Specialist

You can function as a laboratory specialist, provided the workload is not hectic. However, to be eligible for this role, you will need a professional certificate that shows that you are qualified for the job.

Most of the time, it is an easy role for MS sufferers, it’s a job that’s mostly handled by tech gadgets and only needs your supervision. So, feel elated to seize any of such opportunities when it comes your way.

8. Counseling 

Another great low-stress job for MS patients. You can become a counselor who guides people on how to go about life. You can become a prominent consultant by mastering a particular niche and gaining the required expertise.

There are tons of people battling with tons of issues; they are in dire need of a life-saver. Who says you can’t be that life-saver?

Counseling is a profession that can be managed with your condition. In fact, you can attend to people in your free time. You don’t necessarily need a work routine. 

It’s also possible to attend to your clients remotely without having to go through the stress of having a physical interface. Thus, it’s a perfect job for people with MS who find it difficult moving around too.

9. Freelancing

woman having coffee while working on laptop
Woman having coffee while working on laptop

This is another career path you can choose as a MS sufferer. Freelancing gives you the golden card to work conveniently from home. This is actually one of the best sit down jobs for the disabled since you have way more control over when and where you want to work.

There is no supervisor or manager to report to as you are the boss of yourself. You can always bid for jobs your strength can handle and leave the difficult ones to other freelancers.

Freelancing is a skill and a talent-oriented job that allows you to chase your career dreams, earn reasonably and take adequate care of your health.

Freelancing jobs you can take up include writing, graphics designing, web development, data analyst, transcription, copywriting and many more.

10. Creative jobs

If you are a creative person and love working on new projects, you can explore a creative career. There are many project-based creative jobs with very flexible schedules. With this schedule, you can design your day in a way that’s convenient for you. To avoid burnout, don’t take on jobs that require fast turnarounds or much travel.

You will come across many creative jobs that require teamwork and others that may require you to work independently.

Some of the creative jobs you’ll find include:

  • Creative director
  • Beauty therapist
  • Event coordinator
  • Tattoo artist
  • Makeup artist
  • Industrial designer
  • Interior designer
  • Advertising manager
  • Copywriter
  • Illustrator
  • Marketing manager


Finding a job when you have multiple sclerosis may look daunting but it is possible. You only have to believe that your situation will not limit you from getting the best. The truth is you may get a lot of rejections, especially if you are applying to insensitive organizations.

Never let these rejections weigh you down; instead, opt for opportunities that do not require anyone’s approval.

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Can I work with Multiple Sclerosis?

Yes, Multiple Sclerosis might be a challenging health condition, but it doesn’t limit you from making sustainable earnings from a job.

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