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Pricing Packages for Employers

The Free Welcome Package is awarded instantly when you create your company profile for the first time.


Free Welcome Package

  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Bump up Jobs: Lifetime
  • Featured profile: 7 Days
  • 0 Spotlight Jobs
  • 0 Feature Jobs
  • 0 Urgent Jobs
  • 1 Regular Jobs


Single Job Ad – One Ad at a Time

  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Bump up Jobs: 0
  • Featured profile: 7 Days
  • 0 Spotlight Jobs
  • 0 Feature Jobs
  • 0 Urgent Jobs
  • 1 Regular Jobs


Yearly Package – For Companies

  • Validity: 365 Days
  • Bump up Jobs: 50
  • Featured profile: Lifetime
  • 25 Spotlight Jobs
  • 25 Feature Jobs
  • 25 Urgent Jobs
  • Unlimited Regular Jobs


Yearly Package – For Recruitment Agencies

  • Validity: 365 Days
  • Bump up Jobs: 75
  • Featured profile: Lifetime
  • 50 Spotlight Jobs
  • 50 Feature Jobs
  • 50 Urgent Jobs
  • Unlimited Regular Jobs
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How it works

Create your employer account in less than 2 minutes and start publishing your open positions right away.


Create your employer account

Create your employer account in less than 2 minutes.


Update your company profile

Complete your employer profile to help candidates understand who you are as a company.


Publish your jobs targeting skilled people with (dis)abilities

Start publishing your open positions


Get contacted by potential workers

Job applicants will be able to send you their resumes, and you can select and hire the best workers.

Are you in a hurry to recruit skilled workers?

You can boost your job offers by featuring them on the homepage and various other sections of the site using the ``Feature`` / ``Urgent`` / ``Spotlight`` features.
Boosting your job ads increase the visibility by 47%.



If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via the email below:
Candidates interested in your job ad can directly apply to you without going through us as an intermediary. The fee structure also differs; instead of a salary percentage, you only have to pay a one-time fee to post your job ads.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers with disabilities and make the recruitment process as accessible as possible. To achieve this, we want to remove any financial barriers for employers to post their job openings on our platform.

About the different labels:

-Featured profile

-> To publish a job, you need to create a company profile on the website. A featured profile means that your company profile will be displayed more prominently on the site as a 'Top Recruiting Company Right Now', which increases the visibility of both your company profile and job ads.

-Spotlight Jobs

-> Jobs that employers want to highlight as a very good opportunity for disabled people (E.g.: a job that can be done remotely or with flexible hours. Or a workplace that is more accessible to wheelchair users). They have increased visibility when users search for specific terms and locations.

-Feature Jobs

-> These job ads appear at various key locations on the website for enhanced visibility, and they are also displayed on the homepage.

-Urgent Jobs

-> The job ads labeled as 'Urgent' indicate to candidates that the position needs to be filled as soon as possible. They also appear at various key places on the site.

-Regular Jobs

-> These are regular job ads that appear when users conduct searches or browse through job categories and locations.


-> The expiration date of the package refers to the duration for which it remains valid. For the FREE Package, it is the length of time your free job ad will remain listed on our website. For the paid packages, it refers to the period during which you can use all of your job ads. You may have noticed that only the Yearly Package has a validity period since it allows you to publish an unlimited number of job ads for an entire year.

The Free Welcome Package is available to any employer creating an account for the first time. This will be instantly granted to your accoun when you register your employer account.
The Bump Up option let you push up and refresh a job like if you just created it. Let's say you recruited someone as a Content Writer and after a few weeks, you would like to recruit one more person for the same role. With the Bump Up option user on the ad of your choice, the system will update the job date to the current date and time and your job ad will be up to the list.
The purchase process is easy and simple. Create your employer account in just a few steps. Confirm your account by verifying your email address and you can immediately start publishing 3 job ads for Free. When you used your free job ads you can purchase a Pricing Package of your choice.
You can choose to let job seekers apply to an open position for up to 5 months.
Your job ad will be published instantly on MyDisabilityJobs and visible to all of our job seekers. Your job ads will also be listed on which attracts more potential applicants.
All credit cards are accepted via PayPal (no PayPal account is required).
You can contact us for a quote on:
No, our job posting policy states that each job listing can only advertise one job position.
By default, your job ad will automatically expire at the end of the “Deadline” date that you specified when creating the job ad. If at the end of the “Deadline” you didn’t find any qualified applicants, you can use the “Bump up Jobs” to republish the same job ad in one click. You can also use this feature to open the same position again in the future.

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