MyDisabilityJobs is a platform that bridges the gap between founders and talent and brings them under one roof.

Founded in 2021, MyDisabilityJobs has become a leader in working with companies that promote inclusion and inclusiveness. We present candidates to recruiters, admissions staff, and Positive Mindset Coaching on-demand, virtually.

With more than 80% of our workforce being people with disability, MyDisabilityJobs connects millions of visitors to hundreds of companies in the employment, continuing education, and training sectors.

With over 1 million interactions, we are proud to have helped over 50,000 individuals to aspire to live the dream by securing jobs and being independent. Our mission is to provide businesses with the opportunity to increase their value, attractiveness, and brand recognition by providing them with the right prospects.

MyDisabilityJobs's valued clients can assess professionals ranging from students and young and experienced professionals to strategic positions. In the context of job seekers, we can be a pillar of support, providing them with employment options and exposure to interaction to make the right decisions at the right time.
A customer-centric approach drives MyDisabilityJobs.

Also, it is more than a job portal, as it is a means to reach out to talent and provide tips for employers and career tips for employees.


At a Glance

We support the economy and labor market. We offer recruiting and advertising services. We welcome communities and associations. We create opportunities for career advancement, continuing education, and personal development.



Ensure every qualified candidate is connected to an employer, irrespective of their physical condition. To provide integrated and easy-to-understand workforce information that helps job seekers, students, workers, employment intermediaries, and employers connect effortlessly.



To be the nation's most trusted provider of comprehensive, integrated, relevant, and personalized information tools and resources for the workforce in any desired field. These tools and resources serve job seekers, students, workers, employment intermediaries, and employers to increase employment opportunities and business prosperity.


Our Services

Virtual job recruitment and advertising services. Job offers. On-demand positive mindset coaching for individuals or groups. We are your one-stop platform for: Your source of information and inspiration for your career ; The place to manage your career ; Your path to professional success ; Positive and mindset coaching ; Tools to help job seekers, students, businesses, and career professionals.


Your Dream Jobs Are Waiting

Over 1 million interactions, 50,000 success stories Make yours now.

Testimonials From our Customers

From skilled disabled people to companies promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.


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