Jobs for People in Wheelchairs – Top 13 in 2024

one women and one man in wheelchairs being at their jobs
Two wheelchairs users at work

In the US there are more than 6 million people using or requiring the use of a wheelchair. Wheelchair users face unique challenges in the workplace, but there are still many jobs they can do.

Finding the right job may not be easy due to so many odds and difficulties surrounding being someone with a disability, but there are many ways to overcome that since there are plenty of jobs for people in wheelchairs.

Therefore, if you’re like the majority of wheelchair users, you can develop yourself, and hone your skills and talents so that you can have a satisfying career.

There are many jobs for wheelchair users, in this article, you’ll see the Top 13 employment for people in wheelchairs. If you want to see even more possibilities, we invite you to also have a look at the list of easy jobs for disabled adults which includes a few wheelchair-friendly jobs.

Looking for a job as a wheelchair user? We invite you to have a look at our list of jobs for people with disabilities to find and apply to wheelchair-friendly jobs that might interest you.

1. Telecommuting Jobs

People in a wheelchair may face physical challenges in navigating traditional workspaces and accessing essential workplace resources, such as bathrooms and break rooms. Telecommuting eliminates the need for physical mobility and enables individuals to work from home or another location that is easily accessible and comfortable for them.

These jobs can also provide increased flexibility for wheelchair users as they may require more frequent medical appointments or have other needs that can be difficult to accommodate in a traditional work environment.

In terms of employment outlook, telecommuting jobs are becoming more prevalent in many industries and can offer greater job opportunities for wheelchair users.

The demand for telecommuting jobs is expected to increase by an estimated 22% growth rate by 2029.

As for median income, some examples of telecommuting jobs with competitive median salaries include software developers ($107,510 per year), technical writers ($72,850 per year), and customer service representatives ($35,400 per year).

2. Teaching

Woman on visio conference
Woman on visio conference

Teaching is absolutely a non-discriminating discipline, it is also a fulfilling career and can serve as an excellent job for adults in wheelchairs. Most schools accommodate people with disabilities Whether as a tutor or a student, there would be no problem with mobility and being disabled would not affect or determine the outcome of your teaching skills.

Teaching would also erase the boredom and loneliness that most people with disabilities face as you’ll be able to connect with your students and make friends.

Employment for people in wheelchairs is on the high side, there’s never enough hands in Education so you’ll always be relevant. If you put out a resume today looking for a good teaching job in alliance with your skills, the chances that you’ll get one is high.

3. Programming

a women in a wheelchair is working on her laptop
Woman in a wheelchair working on her laptop

One of the things to consider when looking out for wheelchair-accessible jobs is the degree of mobility it will require. Jobs that require little to no mobility are perfect for people in wheelchairs and programming falls in that category. All you need is a computer and your skills, then you become a software developer just like that.

You can learn how to code in a lot of programming languages, doing this is even easier with online lessons that can help you learn at your own pace. If you want to run a University program, you can. You can also attend Bootcamp classes. One way or the other, you’ll get the necessary skills needed to be a programmer. Another important thing about this career path is that it can be mostly remote. You can work from your home or anywhere that’s comfortable for you.

4. Graphics Designing

Graphics Designing is in the category of jobs you can do in a wheelchair. If you’re good at designing, the demand for graphic designers is a lot these days and you’ll definitely make money there.

Even if you do not have graphic designing skills you can learn at your own pace as an autodidact. When creativity meets opportunity, what you get is a nice end result from your imagination.

5. Translating

disabled person in a wheelchair working behind her desk
Wheelchair user working behind her desk

Translating requires having certain language communication skills and helping people solve their language problems. So, if you can speak one or two languages and you have good communication skills, you should really consider taking up the job of a translator.

In addition to this, you can also do it from home, so if you fancy the idea of working from home, you can take up the job of a translator.

The great thing is, there are loads of opportunities and jobs for wheelchair users in this line. You can translate articles, books, voiceovers, and others, you can work anywhere where communication is highly important. Irrespective of technology and computer, real human beings would always be needed for translating jobs, and they also get compensated well.

6. Medical Office Assistance

Another example of legit jobs for the wheelchair disabled is being a medical office assistant working in an environment where you get to help people. It’ll help you to reconnect with more work people and being in a wheelchair won’t be a disadvantage.

Medical officers in hospitals enjoy amongst other things a wheelchair-accessible environment, most jobs may not even have this. Sometimes, your presence may not be required as you can work from home, communicate via modern technologies.

7. Freelance Writing

Being a freelance writer is another job you can do in a wheelchair. All you need is your mobile phone, network, and computer/laptop. You will find work as a writer and you can work remotely. Whether as a copywriter, content writer, blog writer, you can excel anywhere in the writing world.

You may even start your own blog site. The need for digital marketers has increased over time, you can also become one and earn really well. If you have the skill needed for any of these, just pick it up. Even if you don’t have the skill, it’s something you can easily learn online.

Note that this is also one of the top options when it comes to sit-down jobs for the disabled.

8. Counselling

counselor with patient discussing
A counselor holding hands with a patient

Do you enjoy helping people get through hard times? then you can consider counseling as one of the best jobs for people in wheelchairs. You get to listen to people and provide them assistance in difficult times.

The good thing about being a counselor is that you can specialize in a variety of areas, from being a mental health therapist to a Marriage counselor.

You can go further with your studies and get something solid in Psychology or even Psychiatry. Working as a counselor can take you anywhere, to a hospital or an organization.

Either way, you’re doing well. Plus, the job is one of the most needed ever in today’s world.

9. Administrative Assistance

woman writing on her notebook while holding a cup
A woman writing on her notebook while holding a cup

If you can pay good attention to details and you have good organizational skills, this job is what you can do really well. This is because what you have to do is sit down with a computer and desk to complete your tasks.

Administrative assistance is a routine job and very repetitive. It’ll involve the organization of tasks, drafts, and appointments. It’ll also include other necessary things you can do to help the company and its members of staff.

This is also a job that can be flexible since it’s also a good option if you are looking for work-at-home jobs for disabled people.

10. Natural Science Research

Even as someone in a wheelchair, you can pick a career in natural science as a scientist or a researcher. You can work in laboratories or in academics, in research and other related fields.

You would need a bachelor’s degree though, with specialization in natural sciences, you can also do a postgraduate so that you can earn a higher salary. In summary, you can pursue a career in the sciences and follow.

11. Affiliate Marketing

A man sitted on a desk works on his laptop
A man sitting on a desk working on his laptop

It is impossible to list wheelchair-friendly jobs and not mention Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing requires that you market a company’s products in return for a percentage of the sales.

If you can successfully convince people to buy a product, before you know it you’re already making cool cash. You can use various marketing methods to attract people.

Affiliate marketing also does not require a lot of capital to start, you can start with data on your phone and social media presence. The bigger you become, the more motivated others in wheelchairs become. Do you want to know the good thing? you can market any product you want in any line. This option is also on our top options when it comes to part-time jobs for a disabled person.

12. Accessible Transportation Jobs

This type of job would require a commercial driver’s license, as well as specialized training in operating accessible vehicles and ensuring the safety of passengers with disabilities.

A person who uses a wheelchair can work as a paratransit driver, transporting other individuals with disabilities who may also use wheelchairs.

In addition, individuals who use wheelchairs can also work in other roles within the accessible transportation industry, such as dispatchers, schedulers, or customer service representatives.

Skills required:

These positions require strong communication and problem-solving skills, as well as a commitment to providing excellent customer service to individuals with disabilities.

There are also companies that specifically hire individuals with disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs, to work in transportation-related jobs. For example, Ride Connection, a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon, hires drivers with disabilities to provide transportation services to other individuals with disabilities

Overall, the employment outlook for accessible transportation jobs is positive, as there is a growing demand for transportation services that can accommodate individuals with disabilities.

The median annual wage for paratransit drivers was $35,020 in May 2020.

Additionally, many transportation companies and organizations are making a concerted effort to hire individuals with disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs, to work in a variety of roles within the industry.

13. Wheelchair Repair Technician

Wheelchair repair technicians have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of wheelchairs. As someone who uses a wheelchair themselves, a technician may have a unique perspective on what issues are most important to users and how to address them.

Many wheelchair repair technicians work for medical equipment companies or in healthcare facilities, which often have more flexible schedules than traditional 9-to-5 jobs. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who need to take time off for doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, or other medical needs.

As the population ages and medical technology advances, the need for skilled wheelchair repair technicians is likely to increase. This can mean more job opportunities and job security for those in the field. In terms of median wages, the median annual wage for medical equipment repairers is $53,590.

Looking for a job as a wheelchair user? We invite you to have a look at our list of jobs for people with disabilities to find and apply to wheelchair-friendly jobs that might interest you.


Above all, being a disabled person doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent job or have a career, in fact instead of limiting you, it opens up a new world of opportunities for you. The aforementioned are solid 10 jobs for people in wheelchairs that you can consider. With the above explanation, it’s hoped that you find something for yourself soon.

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What are the best jobs for people in wheelchairs?

There are loads of opportunities for people in wheelchairs, the 10 listed here are top careers you can take up as a disabled person and earn well from. You can even be a motivation to other wheelchair users when you set your career in motion.

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