Worst Jobs for OCD – Top 7 in 2024

In the world today, some people tend to have weird thoughts and compelling behaviours. Oftentimes, you observe traits such as obsessing over a certain way of doing things, no matter how irrational. As a result, some jobs are always going to be a disaster if you have OCD. For this reason, this article enlightens you on the worst jobs for people with OCD.

While there’s no doubt that people with OCD can be a great asset in other fields, this article seeks to highlight the worst jobs OCD. It’ll also cover the challenges persons with OCD face and how they can manage these challenges.

Characteristics of the Worst Jobs for People with OCD

Normally, people with OCD tend to struggle with jobs in certain fields and should focus on applying to jobs for people with OCD.

Characteristics of the worst jobs for OCD include:

  • Social interaction
  • Goal setting
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Undefined work ethic
  • Unpredictable outcomes
  • Decision making

In general, the above-mentioned job requirements are red flags for an OCD person. They all demand obsessive thinking or compulsive behaviour or a mix of both.

Looking for a job? We invite you to have a look at our list of jobs for people with disabilities to find and apply to jobs for people with OCD.

Worst Jobs For OCD – Top 7

Here are the seven worst jobs for people with OCD in 2024.

1. Public Speakers

Public speaking is a nerve-racking profession, even for the normal person. Not everyone can live in the spotlight. Looking into the millions of eyes before you and maintaining your composure requires steel of character. Of course, you are bound to face discouraging audience reactions, at times.

How much more for an OCD person? People in this condition can testify that it takes a lot to speak in public. In essence, anxiety can play a devastating part in OCD public speakers. And that does not help their condition. It can even aggravate the disorder. Sometimes resulting in agoraphobia and a social anxiety condition.

2. TV Reporters

Somewhat related to public speaking, this is also an anxiety-causing job. In like manner, it also puts you on a stage. However, your audience is mostly digital. Arguably, there’s even more demand for character than in the above-mentioned job.

As a TV reporter, you have the task to produce information, with regular consistency. Whether on an hourly or daily basis, the pressure to deliver can be overwhelming, sometimes. These deadline-driven jobs are not the perfect fit for people with OCD. In effect, they lack time flexibility to assess their health. So, TV reporters are a no-no for OCD patients.

3. Managers

Man in white shirt looking at laptop
Man in white shirt looking at laptop

Here is another pretty demanding job. It might well be the most demanding in our list of the worst jobs for people with OCD. A manager is a master dealer. In like manner, master dealers need to have a flexible relationship with people all the time.

And that’s where people with OCD should draw a line.

To work as a manager in a firm or organization entails making critical decisions. It also comes with a huge deal of uncertainty. Because you never know the group of people you’re going to manage.

Therefore, these job features and OCD are like two parallel lines. That means, they don’t have any connecting points.

4. Physiotherapists

In certain ways, physiotherapy is akin to managerial jobs. In like manner, it deals with managing a person’s health and well-being. Oftentimes, you need to be as gentle, sensitive and dynamic to your patient’s needs as a physiotherapist. Along the way, your patients may need a confidant. Eventually, they may come to seek emotional relief through your therapy sessions.

However, it is one of the worst jobs for people with OCD. It may well be a nightmare as people with this condition are mostly rigid. Being such loners by nature, handling social interactive jobs like this is always a struggle.

5. Cashiers

Woman working as a cashier

As for cashier jobs, you are most definitely looking at long hours of repetitive tasks. No doubt, these repetitive tasks involve a huge deal of interactions.

From customers to staff to managers, you’re going to be dealing with people as well as a lot of money.

For OCD people, the prospect of handling contaminated money could be a problem. Their obsessive nature could rear an ugly head in such a career position as a cashier.

6. Sales representatives

This job demands even more social interaction than stated in the ones before. The fact that you will meet different calibres of people makes it a sensitive job. So, if you get stressed easily after a certain marketing session, this one is for you. Not to mention, the effects of stress is more on an OCD person.

With tight deadlines and demanding goals, it is certainly one of the worst jobs for OCD. At the end of the day, the major resultant effect is increased anxiety. By a long mile, a person with anxiety problems never made a good sales rep. So OCD persons are best avoiding this career profession.

7. Customer care agents

Customer support agents working in an office

Perhaps, the most sensitive social interaction job on this list is a no-go for OCD persons. To state the obvious, customer care agents do a lot of conversing. Naturally, it’s in their ethics to always be courteous and respond favourably to customers.

This is because clients report their problems in different ways and manners.

Therefore, with such a job, every interaction prompts uncertainty. Furthermore, OCD personnel of such jobs experience restlessness and in extreme cases, internal commotion.

Hence, we rank customer care agents as one of the top seven worst jobs for OCD persons.

Worst Jobs for OCD: Conclusion

In summary, we have a better idea of jobs to avoid if you have any OCD tendencies. Some of these tendencies include excessive hygiene checks, perfectionism, amongst others. With these, we also see why these jobs are not a good fit for them, as a result.

Nonetheless, you can manage the Compulsive and Obsessive disorders with adequate medication. More so, avoiding the above-named jobs is a management method of the condition, in itself. Furthermore, there are alternative jobs that work perfectly in line with OCD. So it is not such a disorder, after all.

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