Jobs for People With OCD – Top 10 in 2024

ocd suffer working from home on his computer
A person working from home

Just like many OCD people, worrying about the best jobs for OCD sufferers may be one of the most recurring things in mind. While your worry is valid, this article is telling you that you should know that even with OCD you can get a good Job And start a career. Ideal jobs for someone with OCD should be flexible, part-time, or full-time.  There are so many options of jobs for people with OCD, you just need to read the next few paragraphs while we bring you some of the best you can consider.

Top 10 Jobs For People With OCD

People who suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder may due to their condition live a very strict life, the disorder can affect their day-to-day life and mental well-being. It may generally make finding a job or having a career difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a job.

The following 10 jobs for people with OCD have been carefully selected to help you find your foot.

What are the best jobs for people with OCD?

  • Online instructor
  • Transcriber
  • Software Developer
  • Writer, Editor, Proofreader
  • Artist
  • Medical Coder
  • Housekeeper
  • Electronic Technician
  • Accountant
  • Web Analytics Jobs

We invite you to have a look at our list of jobs for people with disabilities to find and apply to jobs for people with OCD that might interest you.

1. Online Instructor

If you have goosebumps or anxiety teaching people in a class but you have a passion for teaching, you can consider teaching people online from your home. All you need is a computer, and a camera set up, maybe some lighting and a microphone will also do. You can decide to create teaching packs, recorded courses in whatever version you prefer, either audio, video, or audiovisual.

You can also do written tutorials. The advantage of starting a career in online teaching is that you can work at your pace and in your own home. You can plan courses according to the time you have, you can fit everything in at your convenience yet still make enough money.

2. Transcriber

a man and a woman working on their computers sitting on a table in a coffee shop
Aman and a woman working on their computers, sitting on a table in a coffee shop

If you’re searching for careers for OCD sufferers, being a transcriber is one you should also consider. You can work anywhere as a transcriber, this means you have a pool of opportunities, you can take jobs in audio or video files, transcribe dialogues or documents.

Transcribers make a lot of money working in the medical Fields as well as legal fields, a background in medical or legal terminology will even take you a step higher. Truth is, transcribers are needed in a lot of industries and it is also one of the best jobs for OCD sufferers since it requires organization and structures. It can help you keep your mind focused and distract your mind from anxiety.

3. Software Developer

Do you like working in the tech field or do you have skills for tech? Then you can consider taking software development seriously. This industry is an ever-growing industry that always needs people. You won’t have any problem starting as a programmer or a web developer.

You only need programming skills and you can learn them remotely. Skills like analysis, education, testing, programming, java, PHP, are needed for software development. It is a very lucrative field and career for people with OCD. This is also one of the recommended and easy jobs for disabled adults.

4. Writer, Editor, Proofreader

These 3 in one skills are all ideal jobs for someone with OCD. If you love to write as an OCD person you can definitely make a good living out of your passion. Working in a convenient environment and a convenient job can help reduce anxiety. You can decide to be a freelancer and remote worker.

Most writing jobs don’t require your physical presence. Most companies that hire writers allow them to work from home, set their hours and working days.

In all, while working you can also improve your mental health by doing what you love most. From writing, you can grow to pick out errors from content and progress towards editing. You may even create your blog and write contents that can help people with OCD cope during hard times. You can carve out your niche and overall build a career.

5. Artist

A woman in her artist's studio is painting
A woman in her artist’s studio is painting

You can also be an artist as an OCD person. You can express yourself through your art and the originality of your mind. There are so many specialties in the arts, from painting to sculpting and photography. You can make some good cash being an artist.

Jobs for someone with OCD have one thing in common, and it’s the room to use your mind and the act of creating something good, straight from your kindy, is good for your mental health. That you can express whatever is going on in your mind, is a great freedom everyone covers. This is not a surprise that artist is listed as one of the recommended jobs for mentally disabled people.

6. Medical Coder

Medical coding has to do with recording medical information and data, keeping accurate records and making data accessible all the time. Jobs that require routine arrangement are especially good for OCD sufferers, if all you do is put together details in a convenient environment you can do it perfectly even with OCD.

Medical Coders put together data that’s used in registries, reimbursement of insurance, medical histories for treatments and so on. The good thing about this job is that you can do it from home, it is, therefore, a good career path for people suffering from OCD.

7. Housekeeper

If your OCD is clean, why not put it to good use? Why not turn your disorder around and use it to do something meaningful? Well, if you are a perfectionist about cleaning and getting rid of dirt, you can consider taking up a housekeeping job.

This will allow you to express yourself and earn money at the same time. Housekeeping is a job that requires people all the time so you would not have a problem getting a job, and they earn well too. You can get a decent living working in the hospitality industry.

8. Electronic Technician

One of the best jobs for OCD sufferers is being a Circuit Board Electronic Technician, you get to inspect different circuit boards visually. You’ll also deal with the components of the board, joints and make sure they’re placed right. Technicians also make comparisons on circuit boards as well as schematics.

When you’re done, you then document the data. Technical knowledge in physics or electrical engineering is needed for this job. The pay is good, it is also a good place for someone with OCD. You get to arrange and make sure things are in place, this is especially good for someone with OCD.

9. Accountant

OCD sufferer doing accounting
Accountant man sitting at his desk and using a calculator

Accountancy is another job for OCD sufferers, it involves a lot of organization and this is especially good for someone with OCD (obsessed with organizing).

our roles would rally around finance, tax preparation and so on. If you think you have these skills and you’re good at numbers, you should take it up.

You can either decide to work in a company or even freelance. You can also choose flexible working conditions for yourself.

10. Web Analytics Developer

Web Analytics is on the list of ideal jobs for someone with OCD requiring new-age technology skills. This job role demands a good knowledge of web traffic management and acquisitions.

You must also know how conversions on websites work and how your insights can be more profitable. Most times this job requires that you work remotely and flexibly, you do not need to appear in a place of work or run a 9 – 5.


In summary, having OCD is not the end of the world, it doesn’t make you unemployable. There are a lot of opportunities you can take up as an OCD person, all you need is the right information. Most of these jobs are all new-age jobs and it has factored remote work into them.

This means you may not even need to appear in person for the job, as you can do them from the comfort of your house. So if you have OCD, don’t hesitate to look at the different careers for people with OCD offered by many industries.


How does OCD affect work?

People with OCD may have problems concentrating and focusing at work, and that’s going to affect productivity. They may also have problems staying at a workplace, they may change work often affecting their career growth.

What are the best jobs for people with OCD?

This article has discussed the top 10 jobs that people with OCD can do and excel at. From Art to Web Analytics, Housekeeper, Medical Coder and so on. These are all jobs that OCD sufferers can do.

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